Writers Write

A Newsletter of My Own

First of all, I may have messed up on adding e-mail addresses. If you accidentally get this but don’t want it, I’ll try to take care of that.

This is my first attempt at a newsletter through Substack. Well, actually my second. The first attempt went horribly wrong. The title was messed up and my attempt to add e-mail addresses — well, see the opening line. Ugh! I had to delete all of that. It took a lot of googling and reading posts before I think I even figured out even halfway how to do this. I’m not even sure if I have it right yet. I have no idea whatsoever of the meaning of “set a preamble” for WITW [whatever it was]. Live and learn.

Nevertheless, here I am, newbie deluxe at using Substack. I hope to be able to tell you in the long run that if I can do it, so can you. That remains to be seen. I included a photo below just to see if I could accomplish including a picture. Success! My photo of Central Park is embedded herein.

Eventually, I want to have this newsletter concentrate on writing. For now, however, I’m just getting my feet wet, perhaps even in the pond at Central Park.